Design & Style Guide


canoeandroom-120x80.jpg  Q. What is a Design and Style Guide?
 A. Did you ever wonder what makes a Great room Great?
Or what makes a space comfortable for entertaining?
What small details create a relaxed flow within a room?


 Q. What is French Country?
 A. There are likely no two words in design that conjure up a more romantic image than “French Country”. Vineyards...and wine! Lavender fields and wild flowers, ancient stone walkways full of history and soft golden light - This is French Country.


 Q. What is English Country?
 A. Cattle grazing in green pastures, climbing roses on age-old stone walls, could it be the rain? Cottages with thatched roofs, plaster, brick, exposed beams, and stone; Fox hunts, rowing skulls and roaming the hills.

This is English Country - This is history.


 Q. What is American Country?
 A. American Country. How can that be one term? From the clay adobe homes of the South West to the cedar shake houses of the East Coast, from sprawling Texas ranches, to California Beachside living. The diversity of American Country is, remarkable.