American Country. How can that be one term? From the clay adobe homes of the South West to the cedar shake houses of the East Coast, from sprawling Texas ranches, to California beachside living. The diversity of American Country is, remarkable.

You can expect more in depth pieces on American Country (we love it all!) but for now we will skim the surface with a few of our favorite American styles.

South West

American Country

Terra cotta clay against a massive blue sky, Navajo trade blankets, courtyards, wood burning stoves and bright pottery, natural wood grains and wrought iron; sun scorched days chased by cool peaceful nights. This is the Southwest story.

The look of the Southwest is simple, rustic, and a classic example of an environment influencing a style.

The thick adobe clay walls fought off heat during the day and released the warmth as the night cooled, while courtyards provided shelter from powerful winds and other elements. Pine, Mesquite and Alder wood made strong functional benches, stools, chairs and tables with a rustic and raw finish that is still relevant today.

The Native and Mexican influence in the woven rugs and blankets that are so distinctly Southwest are a perfect example of melded cultural styles and the resulting beauty.  The Southwest style has a sincere and tangible warmth that speaks to our image of home.

East Coast

American Country

Windsor chairs, sunny kitchens, white washed walls, cedar shingles, picket fences, wide plank wooden floors and large center chimneys of brink stone. All welcome on the East coast.

Influenced by European settlers you will see some english country coming through in the east coast style.

Camp Style

American Country

Exposed beams and open ceilings, mud rooms and sleeping lofts, rough hewn logs and prominent fireplaces, screened in porches, sun sets on the water, and long stretching daylight. Camp season is now open.

American camps are often designed as a get-a-way, an escape from the hustle of daily life, a place to slow down and appreciate moments both big and small.